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Re: Please create volatile indices for squeeze

On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 05:57:40PM +0200, Teodor MICU wrote:
> 2010/9/14 Philipp Kern <pkern@debian.org>:
> > This depends on the ftp-masters.  We'll discuss this on IRC when they meet
> > (this or next weekend), hopefully we'll have a solution some weeks after that.
> Just for the record, the squeeze-volatile archive is available for a
> few weeks now on the master ftp.debian.org infrastructure. This means
> that the volatile archive is not available as it was in lenny via
> 'volatile.debian.org' (and a few mirrors) but via ftp.debian.org and
> all the ftp.XY.debian.org mirrors:
>   deb http://ftp.XY.debian.org/debian  squeeze-volatile  main

Please wait until this is formally communicated.  The name might as well
still change.  (Or the contents of the Release file, for pinning etc.) 

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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