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RFC: syslog-ng important bugfix release

Hi Release Team,
syslog-ng upstream,

There are some critical bugfixes released as syslog-ng v3.1.3 from
upstream. None of them are reported to our BTS, but the changelog
test_csvparser: added testcase to cover empty values
LogWriter: set msg_context to NULL in case of the failure path
fixed compilation warning
Limited number of hexadecimal and octal digits interpreted as one
fixed global configuration object possible use after free problem
[logreader] Request a reopen if the FD is stale.
logwriter flush (on exit)
Fixed default permission if the opened file didn't exist
Fixed a typo of octal value encoding
Check in solaris 10 if syslog-ng really running, not just have left it's
cfg-lex.l: fixed hexadecimal number processing and added \xFF format
  character literals
templates: make it possible to include a literal '$' in the template
LogSource: the window size of source connections was messed up if a new
  connection was established
afinter: fixed possible flow-control problem
config file: accept 3.1 as a config version (or any other similarly well
  formatted value)
fixed program_override() setting
afsql: fix port() option
mark_freq: fixed 100% CPU usage when mark_freq() is changed to 0 during
csvparser: remove the need to explicitly specify an escaping mode

Upstream commits can be checked in their git repository[1].
Would you allow its transition to Squeeze if uploaded or should I
somehow cherry pick the most critical changes and put them as patches to
the v3.1.2 release in testing?

[1] http://git.balabit.hu/?p=bazsi/syslog-ng-3.1.git;a=shortlog

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