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release team advice: chocolate-doom lock-up / OOD libsdl-mixer

Hi folks,

Chocolate doom (contrib) upstream has alerted me to an RC bug
<http://bugs.debian.org/605504>.  The problem is actually in
libsdl-mixer1.2 and is fixed upstream.   There are three possible
ways to resolve this for squeeze (asides from ignoring it):

1. backport a workaround for chocolate-doom (this patch:
   which fixes the lock-up at the expense of 'choppy'
   sound.  I think this is the least satisfactory solution,
   but it is something I am comfortable handling myself.

2. package up a newer version of sdl-mixer.  Someone else has
   done so, and I am working on reconciling their work with the
   existing packaging (e.g. they dropped debian/patches/*
   entirely).  This should happen for squeeze+n n>=1 anyway,
   but a freeze exception could be requested.  At present I
   have no idea what the implications would be on linking
   packages: binnmus, etc.

   I have a membership request pending for the SDL maintainers
   alioth team and am prepared to NMU when I am satisfied with
   a package, subject to any squeeze decision.  There hasn't
   been any feedback from the team regarding the new package

3. backport the fix for sdl-mixer to the current version.
   The chocolate-doom bug lists an hg commit upstream which
   apparently fixes the issue.  I do not know (yet) how easily
   this would apply to current sdl-mixer nor what implications
   this would have on linking packages.

My next step personally is to try to answer my own questions in
2. or 3., but any steer from you folks would be very welcome.

Many thanks,

Jon Dowland

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