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4.6.1 on Experimental-Snapshots Akonadi-Google integration: does it still work? akonadi pops up many error messages Compositing got way faster Debian sid: digikam uninstallable with KDE SC 4.6.1 digikam 1.2 and experimental-snapshots digikam 1.9.0 for KDE 4.6.1 SC Digikam + Nepomuk: hundreds of synthetic tags Disable window movement dolphin as the file manager Feedback on update to SC 4.6.1 [tl;dr: Success!] Re: kde 4.6 KDE 4.6.1-0r3 packages and kdelibs5 KDE 4.6.2 KDE 4.6 constantly smashing my configs & data - nearly unusable.... Fwd: [kde-announce] Security Advisory 2011-04-11 kded4 eating CPU KDE restarts everytime I apply new system settings Re: KDE-SC 4.6.x? KDE Software Compilation 4.6.1 has been uploaded to KDE Software Compilation 4.6.2 has been uploaded to KDM doesn't work knotify4 getting zombied and restarting infinitly Konsole close tab icon not active when you select show buttons open and close tabs. kprinter in kde4? Re: Re: Mouse disapeared after update of KDE to squeeze 6.0.1 -> solved Fwd: Move [lang]/common directories to base package? nepomuk crash nepomuk / strigi in KDE 4.6 nepomukstrigiservice segfault (was: KDE Software Compilation 4.6.1 has been uploaded to Nepomuk task bar icon New activitiy system Newbie - help needed! New Folder button missing in LibreOffice KDE Save dialog okular parameters to start from line x page is not open pasting text into KRunner and Konqueror URL fields goes back in history and pastes then pinentry-qt4 doesn't use the system style on 4.6 plasma-desktop crash when put new plasmoid Plasma widget background on Superkaramba themes pressing enter key html text input field steps down two lines Putting the brakes on the mouse qtwebkit-2.1 patches [RFP] Kmid2 (again) Scrolling problems Solved: digikam 1.2 and experimental-snapshots Re: (solved) Disable window movement Suspend to memory in KDE Thank you all, Qt/KDE maintainers! There it goes... 4.6.2 hits experimental Writing a desktop entry for rooted, screened script? X segfaults upon logout from KDE 4.6 xsession-errors: Error: Directory NikonPreview with 21313 entries considered invalid; not read. The last update was on 19:05 GMT Wed May 01. There are 143 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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