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Re: Akonadi-Google integration: does it still work?

On Tuesday 05 April 2011 10:54:01 Michael Schuerig wrote:
> Before updating to KDE 4.6.1 I had tried akonadi-kde-resource-googledata
> (1.2.0-1) for integration with Google/GMail calendar and contacts. I got
> contacts to work, but not calendar.
> Now with KDE 4.6.1, neither seems to work, though I don't see any error
> messages. I've triggered synchronization explicitly in akonadiconsole
> (Browser tab) and this does change the resource's icon to a "busy"
> variant for a while, but doesn't seem to have any other effect.
> Does this work for anyone at all? If it does, are there any hints what I
> might be doing wrong or where I might look to find out?

Hi Michael,

for the GMail Calender I would suggest the DAVical resource. After having 
struggled with various problems for long time with the google resource, since 
using DAVical at least the calender works without problems. Since 
configuration can be a kind of tricky, you could want to have a look at my 
blog post with setup instructions [1].


[1] http://cordlandwehr.wordpress.com/2011/03/27/setting-up-google-caldav-

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