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Re: KDE Software Compilation 4.6.1 has been uploaded to qt-kde.debian.net

On Saturday 02 April 2011 16.47:00 Michael Schuerig wrote:
> Also, I took the opportunity to switch Konqueror to using WebKit instead 
> of KHTML[*]. Over the past year, with KHTML I've felt more and more left 

Note that kpart-webkit is not very update at the moment; I'll try to do an 
upload soon-ish.

(I'm maintaining it but am not part of the KDE team currently, so this was 
not coordinated.  Note that I'm NOT blaming anything, it's my problem if you 
want to call it that, not the KDE team's. That's also why I'm uploading to 
experimental. Maybe the webkit kpart should be folded into the KDE team 

-- vbi

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