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Re: kded4 eating CPU

Am Tuesday 05 April 2011 schrieb Sandro Weiser:
> > I bet the first one that is eating the cpu was from a previous
> > session of KDE. You didn't boot directly into that KDE session, but
> > you logged out and in again, right? If this is the case, I just
> > reproduced it and I have already found the cause, but it's pretty
> > difficult to find a solution.
> Puh, it never happened again, so I didn't watched the issue any more.
> Maybe you're right.

I did logout and login again when it happened. But now I didn't see this 
again as well. So maybe it really was some problem with kded4 from KDE 4.5 
not behaving well after KDE was updated.

> > In any case, because I'm not sure if this can be reproduced at will
> > and I don't want to kill this stuck kded4 instance before I have
> > collected all the information required to file a bug (and therefore I
> > cannot retry), if anybody wishes to help me confirm it's the same bug
> > we are all experiencing, next time this happens please do the
> > following:
> > 
> > 1) Install gdb, libqt4-dbg and kdelibs5-dbg
> > 2) Find the PID of the kded4 instance that eats CPU (for example, in
> > the above output it's 13274)
> > 3) Run "gdb --pid 13274" (where 13274 is the PID you found)
> > 4) In the gdb command line run "thread apply all bt" and send me the
> > output.
> OK. If it ever happen again, i'll attach gdb and send the output to you
> and the list.
> But thx for your investigation.

Me too. I'd consider this issue settled unless someone reports it again 
after a clean reboot.

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