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Re: 4.6.1 on Experimental-Snapshots

On Tuesday 12 April 2011 09:12:34 David Baron wrote:
> I have refrained for partaking until now because of stuff that this
> installation removes.
> Various -dev packages are only needed if I am compiling stuff. So I can
> wait until these are ready, I suppose.
> Decibel -- never used it. I think some other package wanted it.
> The biggie is K3B. Without the -dev packages, I cannot compile it to get it
> back (assuming it would still compile). I would hope and updated package is
> being worked-on.
> So still using the Sid versions.

I found that the Testing version of k3b, consistent with library packages and 
codecs, will install with 4.6.1. So this is no longer a problem. Decibel 
libraries were installed with something else which may no longer be on my 
system and I never had the decibel player so I can live without that. Other 
small apps not yet ready have never been used by me.

So: Are there any outstanding show-stoppers around? Example threads I have 
seen about unstable desktop configurations, "systemconfig" kde-restarts 
(current version simply crashes on any of its items so ...), kdm behaviors, 
etc. Current kde4.4 from Sid has its foibles but since other family members 
must use it, I need 4.6.1 (or any other upgrade) to play for most common 

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