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Digikam + Nepomuk: hundreds of synthetic tags

I'm using KDE 4.6.2 from experimental-snapshots and Digikam 2:1.9.0-1 
(re-compiled to work with 4.6.2). Looking around in the new settings 
offered by Digikam, I enabled "Store metadata from Digikam in Nepomuk" 
and "Read metadata from Nepomuk" (both in the settings for Metadata > 

This had the intended effect of making image ratings and tags visible in 
Dolphin. At least I can search for ratings in Dolphin, I haven't found 
out about tags yet.

Unfortunately, there was another non-intended, negative effect. In 
Digikam, I now have literally hundreds of new tags like this


As they make no sense at the user-level, I neither need nor want them. 
Presumably these tags have some internal purpose in Nepomuk, therefore I 
haven't yet started to delete them again manually. Besides, as I could 
only delete them individually, this would be a rather tedious chore.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the purpose of these tags? Is there any 
good reason that they are visible in Digikam? Is there a way to get rid 
of them, like munging Digikam's sqlite database?


Michael Schuerig

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