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Re: Writing a desktop entry for rooted, screened script?

On Wednesday, 2011-04-13, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> I realize that this question is not specific to Debian or even KDE, but
> that's the context where it arises for me.
> I have several very simple scripts that consist of barely anything but
> an invocation of rsync. So far, I've always run these scripts on the
> commandline, using sudo and screen where necessary or useful. As it is,
> that's a rather rustic way of doing things, I'd like to have better
> integration with KDE.
> I'd like it to work like this:
> - the script is started from the KDE launcher
> - kdesu (or kdesudo) asks for the password to get root permissions
> - the scripts runs in a screen session and its icon appears in the
> system tray
> - when I click on the icon, a Konsole window pops up, connected to the
> screen session
> Is this at all possible with just a bit of configuration and scripting?

Might be doable.
kstart should be able to run any application, hide its window and put an icon 
into the system tray instead.
Using a terminal emulator as such a program, which then runs a command at 
start and a script doing the su/screen stuff.


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