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Re: KDE Software Compilation 4.6.1 has been uploaded to qt-kde.debian.net


Excellent work, all. I'm sure many people don't realise just how much effort 
goes into crafting a quality set of packages like these. Thank you so much. 
(Now I can start legitimately submitting bugs upstream, again. Yay!)

I've got a couple of things to report about my installation. I was upgrading 
from a strange Frankenstein's monster of a testing/unstable/experimental-
snapshots hybrid system. Largely it went well, after massaging the 
dependencies into an acceptable state through aptitude.

An issue I found is that the kde-config-tablet package does not play nicely 
with these new packages at all. It causes the KDE Daemon to crash, which means 
cookies go down, the systray reverts to those colourful icons, and I'm sure 
some other functionality gets lost. Simple solution was to uninstall kde-
config-tablet; it's not really in a useful state for me yet anyway.

Also, seems like kopete can't exit without crashing. Not sure what this one's 
caused by.

Nothing else has caught my attention (yet), so it looks rather good here. Hope 
some of that info is useful to someone.


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