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Re: KDE restarts everytime I apply new system settings

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> From: Ritesh Raj Sarraf <rrs@researchut.com>
> To: Adriano Vilela Barbosa <adriano.vilela@yahoo.com>
> Cc: debian-kde@lists.debian.org
> Sent: Wed, April 13, 2011 10:10:12 PM
> Subject: Re: KDE restarts everytime I apply new system settings
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> On 04/14/2011 07:53  AM, Adriano Vilela Barbosa wrote:
> > I'm having lots of problems with KDE  4.4 over the past few days. One of the 

> > problems is that my desktop gets  totally corrupted every time my screen 
> > kicks in. I think this is  related to some regression in the radeon driver in 
> > kernel 2.6.38  though. The main problem I want to report in this email is 
> > every  time I go to System Settings, change something and then click the 
> >  button, KDE restarts. Just like that. Has anyone seen this? It's just 
>driving me 
> > nuts.
> Is it a KDE restart or an X server restart? Can you  confirm that?
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> in replies for quicker response

Well, good question. I don't know how to tell the difference for sure, but I 
have the impression it's an X restart, as I briefly see a black screen in the 
process. I looked at the files


just after the restart and noticed they have the same time stamps. Does this 
mean that X was restarted along with kdm? I then tried to log out of KDE and 
back on again to see if that would change the time stamp of the file 
/var/log/kmd.log, but not of the file /var/log/Xorg.0.log. When I do that, kdm 
is simply killed. I have to go to a virtual terminal and restart kdm to get X 

Since I'm having lots of other problems with kde right now which seem to be 
related with the radeon driver in recent versions of the linux kernel (2.6.37 
and 2.6.38), I decided to reboot using an earlier version of the kernel (2.6.32, 
as shipped by Debian Stable). Under 2.6.32, I don't have any of these problems 
with kde. But before you say that this is simply the kernel's fault, I should 
say that kde was working just fine under 2.6.37 and even 2.6.38 up until two or 
three days ago. I run Debian Testing and noticed there was a bunch of Xorg 
upgrades three days ago (April 11th); a combination of those and the newer 
kernels seem to be the culprit.

Ah man, this is completely driving me insane. I have used Linux and KDE for more 
than 12 years now, and this is the first time I really feel like dumping the 
whole thing in a trash can. I may need to go back to Debian Stable in order to 
get some work done.


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