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Re: kded4 eating CPU

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> I bet the first one that is eating the cpu was from a previous session
> of KDE. You didn't boot directly into that KDE session, but you logged
> out and in again, right? If this is the case, I just reproduced it and
> I have already found the cause, but it's pretty difficult to find a
> solution.
Puh, it never happened again, so I didn't watched the issue any more.
Maybe you're right.

> In any case, because I'm not sure if this can be reproduced at will
> and I don't want to kill this stuck kded4 instance before I have
> collected all the information required to file a bug (and therefore I
> cannot retry), if anybody wishes to help me confirm it's the same bug
> we are all experiencing, next time this happens please do the
> following:
> 1) Install gdb, libqt4-dbg and kdelibs5-dbg
> 2) Find the PID of the kded4 instance that eats CPU (for example, in
> the above output it's 13274)
> 3) Run "gdb --pid 13274" (where 13274 is the PID you found)
> 4) In the gdb command line run "thread apply all bt" and send me the output.
OK. If it ever happen again, i'll attach gdb and send the output to you
and the list.

But thx for your investigation.


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