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okular parameters to start from line x

hello everybody!

KDE 4.6.1 JUST ARRIVE IN SID \o/\o/\o/


lol, that's not so funny :D

well... this is my real problem:

I was just wondering something:
I'm configuring Texlipse (plugin for LaTeX in eclipse IDE) and I want to use Okular by default as a viewer.
There is an option "%line" which can be given to the viewer to open the document at the line we are editing in eclipse, but okular doesn't seem to accpet this parameter...

when I hit "okular --help", there is only the "-p" option (open the document at the page given in parameter), but nothing about doing the same with a number line.

I think, that is quite strange and all the options must not be described in this help (there are just so few).

I tried "-l", "-line", "--line" but nothing work.

okular really doesn't implement this option?

thank you!

and, no, this is not an April fool :D

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