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KDE 4.6 constantly smashing my configs & data - nearly unusable....

hi guys,

after a lot of problems with the squeezy/weezy versions of KDE, I updated to 
4.6.1  from exerimental in the hope that the varios bugs and problems I was 
facing would go away... unfortunatley ther are evem more - so much that I 
think of leaving KDE....

I runing deb-testing on a MacBook 3.1 (intel core2Duo, 4G RAM) laptop screen 
LVDS1, 1280x800 and ext. monitor via DVI1 1680x1050 (my prim. screen)
kernel 2.6.38-2 (experiemental)

1. after every reboot/restart/login of KDE, the settings from LVDS1 are back 
to 1024x768 - I have to manualy do the settings again and again. even if they 
seem to be correctly default-saved in .kde/share/config/startupconfig:

krandrrc_display_startupcommands="xrandr --output \"LVDS1\" --pos 0x0 --mode 
1280x800 --refresh 59.9095
xrandr --output \"DVI1\" --pos 1280x0 --mode 1680x1050 --refresh 59.8833
xrandr --noprimary"

also, after reboot/restart of kde:
2. my dashboards-layout is always scrambled and often loss of configuration
some of them are not started anymore, 

3. since the update to 4.6.1, the toolbar does not resize correct. once it was 
smaler (due to screenconfig error) it does not resize to full width of the 
screen. only 1280 instead of 1680 aka LVDS1 instead of DVI1-width

4. after a shutdown/init level without KDE, it happend every 2nd/3rd time 
kmail is loosing mails, (last recieved mails are empty...)
kmail is loosing configuration constantly: like filtersettings, view-setup, etc.
but they are still in the config files!!!

5. bluetooth-monolith is started, but does not find any adapter, after each 
after manualy restarting bluetoothd deamon while KDE is running, it finds the 
adapter again.
6. my apple bluetoothmouse buttens do not working anymore (sinc 4.6). I can 
move the mouse/arrow, but that's all.

7. kwallet and other apps constantly losing ther config/data files
8. knetwork does not start automated connect and/or looses config-files...

9. comming back from suspend (lid close) funktion keys ar often not working. 
have to restart dbus & pommed helps most of the times.

10. can not set konqueror to use webkit. khtml only.

...and a lot minor problems more, which I even can't remeber at the moment 

all in all, since I installed 4.6 ca. 5 days ago, I have to repair my system 
every day, doing constant backups (1h) of my .kde-dir. and reply nearly at 
every start a couple of config files - what a mess.

since the update from weezy smashed KDE completley, I moved .kde out of the 
way and started over from scratch (-> website: no help for a testing-update 
like that)

I'm glad to help, provide any data etc. if someone jumps on these varios 


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