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Re: page is not open

On Monday 18 April 2011 11:14:37 Eshat Cakar wrote:
> > http://ftp.acc.umu.se/debian-cd/current-live/i386/iso-hybrid/debian-live-
> > 6.0.1-i386-kde-desktop.iso or
> > http://ftp.acc.umu.se/debian-cd/current-live/amd64/iso-hybrid/debian-live
> > -6.0.1-amd64-kde-desktop.iso
> Correction: I have linked the live images,... if you want the installer
> iso's please use:
> http://ftp.acc.umu.se/debian-cd/current/i386/iso-cd/debian-6.0.1a-i386-kde-
> CD-1.iso or
> http://ftp.acc.umu.se/debian-cd/current/amd64/iso-cd/debian-6.0.1a-amd64-kd
> e-CD-1.iso
> Best reagards

But that will give him KDE4 and it looks like he wants KDE3.
I haven't found a debian installer for Lenny though, so can't help with that.
If you do find a general installer you can change the default desktop through the Advanced option on 
the first screen, otherwise it'll default to GNOME.


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