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Re: 4.6.1 on Experimental-Snapshots

On Friday, April 15, 2011 11:42:24 AM David Baron wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 April 2011 09:12:34 David Baron wrote:

> > I have refrained for partaking until now because of stuff that this

> > installation removes.

> >

> > Various -dev packages are only needed if I am compiling stuff. So I can

> > wait until these are ready, I suppose.

> >

> > Decibel -- never used it. I think some other package wanted it.

> >

> > The biggie is K3B. Without the -dev packages, I cannot compile it to get

> > it back (assuming it would still compile). I would hope and updated

> > package is being worked-on.

> >

> > So still using the Sid versions.


> I found that the Testing version of k3b, consistent with library packages

> and codecs, will install with 4.6.1. So this is no longer a problem.

> Decibel libraries were installed with something else which may no longer

> be on my system and I never had the decibel player so I can live without

> that. Other small apps not yet ready have never been used by me.


> So: Are there any outstanding show-stoppers around? Example threads I have

> seen about unstable desktop configurations, "systemconfig" kde-restarts

> (current version simply crashes on any of its items so ...), kdm behaviors,

> etc. Current kde4.4 from Sid has its foibles but since other family members

> must use it, I need 4.6.1 (or any other upgrade) to play for most common

> functionality.

I took the plunge. All compliments to the chef! Despite a few foibles, 4.6.1 is more stable than 4.4.5 on Sid. Do a full reboot rather than simply restarting kdm.

My other users have desktop folder views, came up no problem.

I am using plasma, got blank desktop but the leftmost activity got my desktop back immediately. Had to reset the styles. Now to play with this activity stuff (which is still much in process)!

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