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Re: Re: Mouse disapeared after update of KDE to squeeze 6.0.1 -> solved

Am 25.März 2011 17:48 Uhr schrieb Christian Estelmann:
> Are you using the i386 packet?
> Try this:
> (download it and install it with 'dpkg -i')
> Or add a line like the following in your sources.list:
> deb http://snapshot.debian.org/archive/debian/20110301T120000Z/
squeeze main
> and downgrade the kernel with apt or aptitude.
> More infos at http://snapshot.debian.org/
> Downgrading the kernel is only a workaround. This bug will be fixed
> in the next point release of squeeze. (I think you are using a Intel
> chip)

Dear Christian,

finally I found some time to deal with this problem.

I followed your instruction and it worked fine for me: the mouse is
visible again.

I must say: I am using Debian since 2003 or so, and this is really the
first time that I had do downgrade. It was not always easy but I could
manage it. This time - no way.

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