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Re: dolphin as the file manager

On Wednesday 13 April 2011 12:38:37 Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> I have had bad experiences with the new dolphin file manager in 
KDE, so
> thought of asking here.
> Have people been using dolphin? I have very frequently seen 
problem when
> trying to copy multi gigabytes of data, the entire desktop to 
freeze and
> the I/O to stall. First impression one gets is that it could be the
> linux kernel. But honestly, the linux kernel has the best I/O
> performance afaik.
> So I initiated the file copy in dolphin and it *crawled*. The mouse
> stalled and looked like a freeze. Knowing that it was dophin (or
> kio_file, or nepomuk, or whatever), I saKed it. And then initiated 
> simple 'cp'. With that everything worked great with a throughput 
of 15
> MiB/s.
> So, does the KDE file manager do a super copy that cripples? Or 
is it
> Nepomuk causing the trouble (even though it is disabled on my 
> I should spend time in profiling/debugging the cause but real life
> doesn't allow that. Do others face problems with Dolphin (or 
KDE's file
> managers using kio_file) ?
> PS: With all small problems piling up in KDE, I'm already drifting.
> Browser: Iceweasel/Chromium
> Email/NewsGroups/RSS: IceDove
> File Manager: "Yet To Find".
> IM: Pidgin
> Network Management: Wicd
> Are there users who still run a *Pure KDE Installation* 
successfully ?
> There still are good applications though:
> Amarok, Ktorrent, Okular, Konsole, Quassel, 
Digikam/KPhotoAlbum, SMPlayer
> Ritesh
My major problem is with moving things from an earlier version to
a later version.  Strange things happen and are essentially 
undebuggable. So with my present Slackware 13.1 version with 
KDE 4.4.3 I specified XFCE (most like KDE 3.5} but I am not 
copying over the environment from my previous 13.0 
partition (i.e., cp .kde -r -p etc.)
but am rebuilding e.g. kmail and all its filters one filter at a time. 
Slack 13.1 would not operate properly on my old monitor and 
integrated video chip so I bought a new Acer 21" monitor and 
Nvidia clone graphic card. 

I don't need Okular so long as Adobe Reader is free. Ksnapshot is 
an essential however. For Quanta plus I still have to run an old 
Slackware 12.2 partition. 

In short a version of KDE that looked, worked and was in all other 
respects compatible with 3.5 but had the latest Qt 4.4.x libs would 
be the best of both worlds. The only time I need plasma is in the 
emergency room :<)  I don't use a file manager. The command line 
and standard 'nix facilities are good enough for me. 

John Culleton

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