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Writing a desktop entry for rooted, screened script?

I realize that this question is not specific to Debian or even KDE, but 
that's the context where it arises for me.

I have several very simple scripts that consist of barely anything but 
an invocation of rsync. So far, I've always run these scripts on the 
commandline, using sudo and screen where necessary or useful. As it is, 
that's a rather rustic way of doing things, I'd like to have better 
integration with KDE.

I'd like it to work like this:
- the script is started from the KDE launcher
- kdesu (or kdesudo) asks for the password to get root permissions
- the scripts runs in a screen session and its icon appears in the 
system tray
- when I click on the icon, a Konsole window pops up, connected to the 
screen session

Is this at all possible with just a bit of configuration and scripting?


Michael Schuerig

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