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Re: kprinter in kde4?

Am Montag 18 April 2011 schrieb Miguel Galán :
> Al 18/04/11 09:57, En/na Matteo Semplice ha escrit:
> > I have recently upgraded to squeeze and I do miss kprinter.
> > Is it still there (and in what package)?
> > If not, is there a replacement application?
> >
> > Thanks in advance.
> > Matteo Semplice
> >
> >
> miguel@lazy:~$ apt-cache search printer | grep kde
> system-config-printer-kde - printer configuration utility
> Is this what you're looking for?

I am missing kprinter too.

While system-config-printer-kde is a printer configuration 
tool, kprinter was a printing program which could be used like
lpr, e.g. in xsane, and one could select a printer for the


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