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! Do you want a prosperous future? GET YOUR UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA! adept Alternative to the broken Panel Broken print preview Re: Bug#380349: kdm won't upgrade because it needs kdebase-data < 3.5.4 Can't Print With Cups From KDE 3.5.3 Cannot associate application/pdf with Graphics/KPDF Error starting second X session after Xorg upgrade Goodday gtk apps lost antialiasing settings after upgrade hi everybody... i have a problem with the libs how to disable the ~/.thumbnail folder? i18n packages update KDE Auto logout / Reset kde errors at start kicker crashes kmail notification kmail sometimes hangs after getting mail Konqueror and ACLs: difference between SuSE and Debian, between 3.5.x versions? Konqueror cannot connect to local LAN IP address, firefox (and others) can Re: konqueror really slow Re: Kopete 0.12 NOT in kdenetwork 3.5.4 Re: kpdf prints in wrong printer format Re: kprinter using its own version of CUPS? log viewer for kde Misssing association for PDF? Re: Multi-tasking No audio support No icon for *.exe files Panel/taskbar font colour Re: problems printing with cups 1.2 [work-around] Proper way to configure input devices shortcut for iconiced programms Spamfiltering with KMail (was: Re: Multi-tasking) taskbar in konqueror Udev and no sound or usb vim7 The last update was on 17:28 GMT Sun May 19. There are 132 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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