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kde errors at start

Dual boot, debian etch i386, filesystem reiserfs 3.6, kde (OS lauched from 
first pure  alphanumeric $, then twm X, then kde) signals chronic errors:

Bad font path element (#145), possible causes:
--Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions;
--Directory missing fonts.dir;
--Inceorrect font server address or syntax.

The, kde works, more or less because I never succeed printing on HP5740 from 
its apps (MIME problems; as far as I can understand, failure to translate 
postscript). Unistalled everything for printing, and reinstalled. Did 
severeal time so. no success. I always have to transfer files to OpenOffice, 
or use Adobe, to get printing.

I do not use kdm because I want to have possess of the machine, which is not 
the case of kdm.

Any guess?
Thank you

francesco pietra

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