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Re: konqueror really slow

Matej Cepl schrieb:

Marc Bantle wrote:
I like Konqueror and would use it more often, if it performed better.
Currently I'm even accessing my router's web-interface via mozilla,
because with konqueror it takes atleast four times longer for pages to

Just to be sure -- do you use wwwoffle (or something similar) with
konqueror? with mozilla?
I use both Browsers plainly, without proxy, external cache, offline
reader. In general I  have the browser-internal cache turned off for
both Browsers. Actually it doesn't really matter whether cache ist
turned on for konqueror or not.

I just reloaded the overview page (it has a refresh-button) of my
routers web-interface to compare konqueror against mozilla (1.7.8).
While mozilla is done loading the page within 1s, Konqueror takes 20s.

Same thing with http://www.kde.org : mozilla=2s (until the progress bar
has disappeared), konqueror=34s.

But thanks for the hints: It seems to be a matter of DNS lookup. If I
use the ip-adresse instead, konqueror will show the page within one or
two seconds (both the router page and www.kde.org).

Any ideas where to look next?

Cheers, Marc

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