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Konqueror and ACLs: difference between SuSE and Debian, between 3.5.x versions?


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We're facing a problem here with konquerors acl behaviour:

changing from SuSE's 3.4.something to Debian backport 3.5.0 or also 
http://deb.stosberg.net/'s 3.5.3 backports, acl behaviour on file copying 
has annoyingly changed to also copy the acl.  Old (and "correct" - at least 
for our use) behaviour was that the target file would get the default acl 
of the target directory.

Anybody knows where that was changed?  Can I influence this, if possible 
without recompiling KDE?

As a data point, note that interestingly enough the 3.5.x pakages from SuSE 
10.1 retained the old behaviour, so this is either a change which came in a 
KDE point release, or is a Debian or SuSE specific modification.

(Rationale: we use some directories as mailboxes: people would copy their 
files into these directories to publish them for some other people.  
Educating people that they need to copy the files, not move them, was 
possible.  Educating them to set the correct acl is IME not possible - 
users just want to work, they don't want and need to know about how the ACL 
system works.)

thanks in advance
-- vbi

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