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Re: Kopete 0.12 NOT in kdenetwork 3.5.4

On Monday 31 July 2006 11:26, Andres Järv wrote:
> Was supposed to happen, right? Still says 0.11.3 though.

Yes, it was supposed to happen, but the Kopete team didn't get around to 
merging 0.12.1 into KDE 3.5.4. Apparently the KDE_3_5_BRANCH has fixes 
which the externel Kopete 0.12 branch doesn't have, so merging would 
have been messy. In short, the Kopete codebase is a mess. Whether or 
not they'll merge in time for 3.5.5, and even if they do, whether Etch 
will ship with 3.5.5, I can't possibly say right now.

For us (Debian packagers) it's better that we stick with the official 
KDE kopete (security support from KDE, etc.). You can of course build 
your own kopete 0.12 if you wish.

Christopher Martin

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