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Konqueror cannot connect to local LAN IP address, firefox (and others) can

Hi all,

I have a strange problem on my notebook running unstable. For some time, I 
cannot access my router web interfaces with konqueror, it complains cannot 
connect to 192.168.xx.xx when I enter an URL https://192.168.xx.xx in the 
location box. 

The strange thing is that firefox or other programs on the notebook don't have 
any problem accessing the router. On my desktop computer (also running 
unstable) konqueror also has no problems. 

I've been going through all of konqueror's and KDE's settings but have not 
succeeded in fixing the problem. While googling I found some references about 
KDE/konqueror defaulting to IPV6, but I have already disabled IPV6 on all my 

I feel I'm missing something really stupid. Can anyone give me some clues 
about what's happening here? 

Gerrit Jan.

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