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Re: kprinter using its own version of CUPS?

Am Montag, 17. Juli 2006 04:26 schrieb Ross Boylan:
> When I print a test page via CUPS (using the web interface) I get a
> page that says "Printed Using CUPS v1.2.x".
> When I go into the KDE printer control module and print a test page I
> get a page that says "Printed Using CUPS c1.1.x".
> While this isn't causing any problem I've noticed, it seems a little
> weird.  Does anybody know what's going on?

kdeprint depends kdelibs4c2a which depends on libcupsys2 (>= 1.1.23-1)

So it was built with an older cups version and the value of that string is 
probably determined at build time. Nonetheless, if cups-1.2 ist installed, it 
is used by kprinter (same library soname).


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