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Error starting second X session after Xorg upgrade

Until I upgraded Xorg a couple of weeks ago, I was able to use the command

    startx -e /opt/kde3.5/bin/startkde -- :1

to start up a second KDE X session while KDE was running on the first X 
display. Since the upgrade, X starts up but immediately fails with the error

xterm: bad command line option "xterm"

followed by an xterm usage message.

I presume the xterm in question is the one which is always displayed as the 
console when I run a second KDE session, but I can't work out where it is 
invoked. I'm running a home-compiled KDE 3.5.3. Any pointers to where xterm 
is run from and where the error is occurring would be very welcome.

(I've tried and failed previously to set up kdmrc to allow a normal KDM login 
on the second X display - that would be an acceptable alternative to getting 
startx to work.)

David Jarvie.

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