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Re: Konqueror cannot connect to local LAN IP address, firefox (and others) can

A Divendres 28 Juliol 2006 23:25, Gerrit Jan Baarda va escriure:
> Hmm....
> I tried creating a fresh user account and logged in as this user. For this
> user there is the same effect. No problems with firefox and other programs,
> but konqueror cannot connect with http{s} to any local IP addres.
> However when I use another protocol, such as ftp://192.168.xx.xx or
> fish://....  i CAN connect with konqueror.
> Since this is a fresh account, KDE and konqueror should have started with
> their default settings, right? Is there some global default KDE setting
> that can cause http(s) requests to local LAN addresses to fail?
> Gerrit Jan.

Have you tried to disable IPv6 for Konqueror?

To do it you just have to export this variable:

export KDE_NO_IPV6=true

To make it permanent across reboots, you can insert that line 
on /etc/environment


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