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Re: konqueror really slow

Am Sonntag 16 Juli 2006 18:47 schrieb Hendrik Sattler:
> Hi,
> on lots of pages (eg. freebsd.org), konqueror is really slow like hanging
> at 16 of 18 pictures for a long time (means: firefox get the _whole_ page
> during that time that konqueror waits).
> Anything that can be done about it, like setting some timeout parameters to
> common sense values?
What nameservers are listed in your resolve.conf. If you are behind a router 
and you listed its ip as nameserver (e.g. and this router 
redirects you to a real nameserver KDE programms have a problem. Try to set 
your resolv.conf to point to the real nameserver of your provider. If your 
resolv.conf is generated automatically and you want to be shure that your 
prevered nameservers are on first place have a look at the programm 

Hope this helps, Konqueror is a great tool.
Cheers W. Mader

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