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Re: how to disable the ~/.thumbnail folder?

2006. July 29. 22:02, Curt Howland:
> On Saturday 29 July 2006 12:58, LeVA was heard to say:
> > I'm looking for a KDE way to disable saving of image files'
> > thumbnails. I want the thumbnails to be generated everytime I'm
> > using the file save dialog (and thumbnail previews), but don't want
> > KDE to save the results in the ~/.thumbnails folder.
> > I could delete it with cron, or on every login, but I'm looking for
> > a config file in the KDE system.
> Maybe make the .thumbnails folder read-only?
I think that is not a very kdeish way :)
I could do tons of things yes, including the rm -Rf ~/.thumbnails to the 
crontab, or make the folder read-only, or maybe I could just turn the 
whole thumbnail thing off...

But, I'd rather do some "compatible" solution. The closest thing which 
I've found is checking the "Thumbnails Cache" in the Security & 
Privacy / Privacy tab in the control center. But this obligate me to do 
a manually cleaning with KControl.



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