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Re: konqueror really slow

Hendrik Sattler schrieb:
on lots of pages (eg. freebsd.org), konqueror is really slow like hanging at 16 of 18 pictures for a long time (means: firefox get the _whole_ page during that time that konqueror waits).

Anything that can be done about it, like setting some timeout parameters to common sense values?

I've been wondering about this for quite a while, but assumed myself to be the only one affected. I observe it on both sarge (kde 3.3.2) and on a notebook running edge (kde 3.5.3).

I like Konqueror and would use it more often, if it performed better. Currently I'm even accessing my router's web-interface via mozilla, because with konqueror it takes atleast four times longer for pages to show.

Cheers, Marc

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