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Re: No audio support

On Monday 24 July 2006 6:19 pm, Markus Petermann wrote:

> "Sound server information message:
> Error while initializing sound driver:
> device: default can't be opened for playback (No such device)

Your ALSA bits look OK, and you have a standard chipset that's common a dirt, 
so there are not likely any surprises there.

I don't use the KDE sound system, haven't in years, so I have no idea what the 
above quoted dialog is trying to open.  Usually it's /dev/dsp.  If it's 
telling you there is "no such device," it could be literally true that 
there's no device to open.  This kind of error can mean nothing more 
than "I'm trying to open this special character device file called /dev/dsp, 
and it's not there."

So make sure you have a /dev/dsp, or whatever the KDE sound system is trying 
to open.  If it isn't /dev/dsp, it's probably /dev/snd/pcm-blah or something 
arcane like that.  Make sure it actually exists.  If it doesn't, it could be 
a problem with whatever you have managing /dev for you.  I've never really 
paid a lot of attention to how things work now, but I think /dev comes up 
empty, and it gets populated at boot time by some magical thing called "udev" 
that has apparently supplanted devfs and hotplug.

I've been running into a lot of users who can't run Rosegarden because they 
don't have a /dev/snd/seq, which is why I'm having this line of thought.  If 
I'm totally full of crap, forgive me.  I thought I'd throw this out, since 
nobody answered you yet.  I don't know squat about the KDE sound system, but 
I've been involved with Linux for music making for years.  It's a lot easier 
now than it used to be, believe it or not.  We still have some way to go 
before it can become a truly pleasant user experience though, I fear.

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