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Re: Error starting second X session after Xorg upgrade

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 2:34 pm, D. Michael 'Silvan' McIntyre wrote:

> It's broken, with no trace in its server's config for how I ever had it set
> up in the first place.
> I wonder how that happened?

Because I'm an idiot.  I was looking at the server, not the terminal.  The 
inittab in question is on the terminal, stupid.  (Which is probably only 
broken because I've reverted to a stock kdmrc on the server, which leaves out 
the necessary options to make it play nice with the terminal.)

6:23:respawn:/usr/bin/X11/X :0 vt6 -query my.server
7:23:respawn:/usr/bin/X11/X :1 vt7 -query my.server
8:23:respawn:/usr/bin/X11/X :2 vt8 -query my.server

You can leave off the -query bit.

Of course this realization does nothing to explain why there is no longer an 
entry for tty7 in either of the more recently upgraded boxes' inittabs.  Was 
it never there to start with?  Maybe.  I'm stretched pretty thin lately.

I would expect the above to work if you stick it in your /etc/inittab.  Adding 
a new session to KDM to load KDE out of /opt is another matter i haven't 
really considered.

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