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Re: Kopete 0.12 NOT in kdenetwork 3.5.4

Risking myself of being told-off by DD's, I built myself a deb from these 
ubuntu's sources:


and it has been working good... at least for half an hour... :P

El Lunes, 31 de Julio de 2006 23:08, Christopher Martin escribió:
> On Monday 31 July 2006 11:26, Andres Järv wrote:
> > Was supposed to happen, right? Still says 0.11.3 though.
> Yes, it was supposed to happen, but the Kopete team didn't get around to
> merging 0.12.1 into KDE 3.5.4. Apparently the KDE_3_5_BRANCH has fixes
> which the externel Kopete 0.12 branch doesn't have, so merging would
> have been messy. In short, the Kopete codebase is a mess. Whether or
> not they'll merge in time for 3.5.5, and even if they do, whether Etch
> will ship with 3.5.5, I can't possibly say right now.
> For us (Debian packagers) it's better that we stick with the official
> KDE kopete (security support from KDE, etc.). You can of course build
> your own kopete 0.12 if you wish.
> Cheers,
> Christopher Martin

Rafael Rodríguez


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