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Re: adept

On Wednesday 19 July 2006 22:01, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> Hello list,
> since now I am using aptitude and I am quite happy with it. But I found
> adept and want to give it a try. But before letting this tool do real
> things to my system I want to know if it ceeps track of package which are
> only installed as dependency of another and if it removes this
> just-dependency-package if I uninstall the 'mother-package'. Does someone
> know?

I have started to use both. Adept for ugrading when certain packages have bugs 
and I don't want them included. Adept allows a try and error approach for 
getting an optimal selection, since you see immeditately if one of the bad 
packages will be included as well and you can undo the last action.

I still use aptitude for full upgrades and removal of orphaned packages since 
it can do this very well.


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