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Re: Multi-tasking

Am Sonntag 02 Juli 2006 21:03 schrieb Ritesh Raj Sarraf:

> You're using a laptop. So I guess you're just another use like me. You
> won't be running database daemons or other server daemons on the
> laptop.
> All I can suggest is to recompile your kernel with the following
> features: 1) Use 1000HZ for Kernel Timer Frequency (I highly recommend
> it) 2) Enable Kernel Preemption for Low Latency Desktops
> 3) Use "Preempt The BIG Kernel Lock"
> 4) Use CFQ as the I/O scheduler

Hello Ritesh,

thats pretty much what I use here too. I think those are fairly good 
options for a vanilla kernel. But those patches from Con Kolivas sound 
nice, too.

First I look whether + xfs-fix patch + sws2 is really stable now 
with XFS and write caches on... see:

(seems fine upto now)


(seems fine with write caches on now but I like to test a bit longer)

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