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Re: Re: gtk apps lost antialiasing settings after upgrade

Hi all.

This morning i did an upgrade, (not a dist-upgrade), etch 3.5.3 and now i find myself having the same problem. The missing fonts in Firefox is really annoying, having to run the mouse over or highlight the missing text to be able to read it.

The fix that Marko suggested, i already have in my $Home/.qt/qtrc file, so i don't know what may be causing the missing text, this time.

>Alan Ezust wrote:
>    I am using debian unstable (kanotix) and I just did a dist-upgrade.
> Now all my gtk apps (like firefox) have crappy font settings again. >It's as if
>    the gtk2-engines-gtk-qt is no longer working properly.
>With firefox, it's more than just the fonts though - the layout of
>text is all strange, and lots of the text is invisible unless I run my
>mouse over it.
>    Any suggestions on how to bring things back to normal?






in file $HOME/.qt/qtrc helped me.


Any possible fix would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Vic Koci.

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