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Re: konqueror really slow

On Sunday 16 July 2006 2:47 pm, Marc Bantle wrote:

> > Anything that can be done about it, like setting some timeout parameters
> > to common sense values?

> I've been wondering about this for quite a while, but assumed myself to
> be the only one affected. I observe it on both sarge (kde 3.3.2) and on
> a notebook running edge (kde 3.5.3).
> I like Konqueror and would use it more often, if it performed better.
> Currently I'm even accessing my router's web-interface via mozilla,
> because with konqueror it takes atleast four times longer for pages to
> show.

I hadn't thought to try Firefox.  I wonder if it would make any difference?

I've seen a slowdown now and again, but it seems to be network related 
somehow.  My ISP's network was on the fritz yesterday, and it took an 
inordinate amount of time for pages from any of my local web interfaces (on 
this box, or any on my LAN) to come up.

It feels kind of like the bad old days when there was some screwy problem with 
localhost not getting set up correctly, or something like that.

If that ever happens again, I'll go try Firefox, and see if it makes a 
difference.  This screwy localhost or whatever thing I'm thinking of, but 
can't quite remember, used to affect File->Open dialogs and such too, and was 
KDE wide, anytime KDE used KURL for something, which is frequently.

I'm running 3.5.3 myself, and freebsd.org just came up in no time flat.  I 
hadn't been there before, so it wasn't cached.

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