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Cannot associate application/pdf with Graphics/KPDF

This one drives me really crazy, I have apparently screwed up
something in my mimelnk database and now I just cannot for the
world associate PDF files with Graphics/KPDF (using KDE on testing so KPDF
is 3.5.3). Whenever I do it, association dialog dutifully updates settings
(dialog with thermometer is going all the way), but then when I click
on .pdf file in Konqueror (or Krusader, but that doesn't matter) I get
error message saying that kdeinit cannot launch 'nameofthefile.pdf'.

I can associate /usr/bin/kpdf with .pdf file directly (in the dialog box
check "Use this application always"), but then I get kpdf item in the root
of my K-menu.

I have filed a bug for it (http://bugs.debian.org/376270).

Any ideas?

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