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Re: konqueror really slow

Michael Schuerig wrote:
>> And it's just ugly (ups, must be GTK-related).
> One of these themes for Firefox may help
> http://www.polinux.upv.es/mozilla/temas.php?idioma=en

I went just other way around -- first I installed gtk2-engines-gtk-qt (it is
really cool thing), but then I tried full size Gnome 2.14 (I have some
GNUStep programs which did not work under KDE, but they were OK under
Gnome) I had to admit that Clearlooks engine is really cool. Kind of
similar idea what Plastik is (to get away from user's attention as much as
possible), but maybe even better. I have then found out that Craig Drummond
created look-a-like Klearlook, so I packaged it for Debian and it is now in
the main repository (package kde-style-klearlook). So Firefox fits well
into my KDE environment, except that it looks like Gnome ;-) -- and it
looks really cool.


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