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Re: Multi-tasking

Nice tip, 

just tried to find the debian kernel-source for a 2.6 kernel in sid and there 
was none... I admit that I was a bit surprised. (unstable, isn't it ;) I 
thought it must be my fault (screwed aptitude or so), but no, the official 
web-interface gives the same result.

A stock kernel will do it, so just to alert other people.



Am Sunday 02 July 2006 21:03, sprach Ritesh Raj Sarraf:
> All I can suggest is to recompile your kernel with the following features:
> 1) Use 1000HZ for Kernel Timer Frequency (I highly recommend it)
> 2) Enable Kernel Preemption for Low Latency Desktops
> 3) Use "Preempt The BIG Kernel Lock"
> 4) Use CFQ as the I/O scheduler
> Wish Debian shipped a laptop specific kernel like linux-image-X.X.XX-laptop
> I've also been willing to do this but don't have the proper resources.

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