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Re: gtk apps lost antialiasing settings after upgrade

On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 14:26:01 +1000, Vic Koci wrote:
> Hi all.
> This morning i did an upgrade, (not a dist-upgrade), etch 3.5.3 and now 
> i find myself having the same problem. The missing fonts in Firefox is 
> really annoying, having to run the mouse over or highlight the missing 
> text to be able to read it.

There is a known bug in libcairo2 (both Etch and Sid):


It seems that the problem manifests itself only for non-anti-aliased
fonts. I have "use anti-aliased fonts" and "hinting style full" in my
KDE Control Center font settings, and I can use firefox without
problems. (libcairo2 version 1.2.0-3, firefox 1.5.dfsg+, kde
3.5.3-1 on Sid)


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