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Re: konqueror really slow

Am Sonntag, 16. Juli 2006 22:04 schrieb D. Michael 'Silvan' McIntyre:
> I hadn't thought to try Firefox.  I wonder if it would make any difference?
> I've seen a slowdown now and again, but it seems to be network related
> somehow.  My ISP's network was on the fritz yesterday, and it took an
> inordinate amount of time for pages from any of my local web interfaces (on
> this box, or any on my LAN) to come up.

It cannot be related to network slowdown or other network related problem 
because stopping the loading and restarting it does not get any more data 
than the previous try. Trying firefox immediately shows the page, strange, 
isn't it?
I also had this on my routers page but that was name->ip lookup related.

I wonder if this is related to pipelining. If it is, why isn't it implemented 
in konqueror? Can't be that hard to do and if it makes the thing much faster, 
it would make it worth the effort.

Bad thing that firefox is not my favourite choice. I would never use it as 
main browser as the firefox developers do not seem to have any idea of good 
work flow (or it just does not fit my idea of it). And it's just ugly (ups, 
must be GTK-related).


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