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exhibition- and fair construction services in europe adding submenus to the gnome menu after upgrade Sarge->Etch strange error Autohide Toolbar automounting broken lately Bye bye GNOME Team -- this was a nice trip Re: do not delete gnome-1 Evolution & 2.12 Evolution & GConf : I don't understand any more... Evolution contact lists have disappeared Re: Evolution on alpha gdk-imlib1 may yet live (was Re: Removing GNOME 1 (was Re: orbit2cpp gnome / nautilus in experimental Re: Gnome 2.12 Re: Gnome 2.12 (Control Center) Re: gnome-phone-manager (0.6) packages for Debian GNU/Linux (testing)? How to automount a memory card? Installing Gnome 2.12 with apt-get... Keith Extra news no applications menu No Debian menu? odd problems with GNOME for last week or two Please test the experimental gconf2 Problems with Glade in testing/unstable Problems with keyboard Re: Shipping static libraries sid dist-upgrade has hosed gnome :( Sound and unstable (a solution) SUMMARY: Shipping static libraries Suspend in log out menu? Themes do not work, Gnome 2.10 unstable/experimental 2.12: Lost my icons in Nautilus Re: various gnome problems with current unstable Re: weird keyboard problem The last update was on 08:03 GMT Tue Apr 24. There are 122 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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