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adding submenus to the gnome menu after upgrade Sarge->Etch strange error Autohide Toolbar automounting broken lately Bye bye GNOME Team -- this was a nice trip Re: do not delete gnome-1 Evolution & 2.12 Evolution contact lists have disappeared Evolution & GConf : I don't understand any more... Re: Evolution on alpha gdk-imlib1 may yet live (was Re: Removing GNOME 1 (was Re: orbit2cpp Re: Gnome 2.12 Re: Gnome 2.12 (Control Center) gnome / nautilus in experimental Re: gnome-phone-manager (0.6) packages for Debian GNU/Linux (testing)? How to automount a memory card? Installing Gnome 2.12 with apt-get... exhibition- and fair construction services in europe Keith Extra news no applications menu No Debian menu? odd problems with GNOME for last week or two Please test the experimental gconf2 Problems with Glade in testing/unstable Problems with keyboard Re: Shipping static libraries sid dist-upgrade has hosed gnome :( Sound and unstable (a solution) SUMMARY: Shipping static libraries Suspend in log out menu? Themes do not work, Gnome 2.10 unstable/experimental 2.12: Lost my icons in Nautilus Re: various gnome problems with current unstable Re: weird keyboard problem The last update was on 22:05 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 122 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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