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Problems with keyboard

Dear all,

I'm working on my Debian box both logging at GDM and connecting through vnc. Until recently everything went smoothly under vnc4server, but when I switched to tightvncserver I encounter some serious problems with my keyboard layout.

When connecting via vnc the keyboard is messed up totally. Instead of "qwert" the echoed characters are something like "c.gvn". No Enter, no backspace... Under "Keyboard Preferences" the Keyboard model is "Unknown" and Layout is "US 105-key keyboard (with windows keys)". Any changes result in nothing better... Also, the dialogs are somewhat different than when logging through GDM! (e.g. the keyboard layout picture is missing).

The only solution I found is to delete ~/.gconf/desktop/gnome/peripherials/keyboard key completely. My keyboard layout settings are gone, but I can work remotely at least.

My layout is set to "pl" in xorg.config. The GNOME layout is also set to Polish. When the session starts I'm asked whether I want to use X's or GNOME's settings. Till now I ignored it, but maybe there is something wrong with it...

I'm working on Debian 'testing'. Can't get back to vnc4server, because it's no longer in testing. Normal vncserver also has the symptoms above.


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