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Re: Please test the experimental gconf2

Le jeudi 24 novembre 2005 à 12:00 +0100, Gabor Gombas a écrit :
> I've finally upgraded gconf and burned myself. I synchronize my home
> directory between two machines daily. Now, there are some gconf settings
> (like evolution settings) I DO want to synchronize, and there are others
> (like keyboard layout, mixer device etc). that must NOT be synchronized.
> With the split structure I could just tell unison the directories it
> should ignore but that no longer works with the merged gconf database.

It looks like a weird setup. Can't you work things out with sabayon
desktop profiles?

> - How can I split the merged %gconf-tree.xml in $HOME/.gconf to the
>   pervious directory structure?

If you remove the %gconf-tree.xml file, you will lose modifications you
made since, but the previous directory structure is still here.

> - How can I disable the merging of gconf data on a per-user basis?
> I think the merging of gconf data under user home directories should be
> an opt-in solution and must not be done without the explicit agreement
> of the user.

If some people really want to disable it, I can imagine an opt-out
setup, but you should be aware it's going to become the default in GNOME
2.14 anyway.
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