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Re: unstable/experimental 2.12: Lost my icons in Nautilus

Ralph Aichinger <ralph@mail.pangea.at> writes:

> Hello!
> Sorry to bother you with this (yes, it's called experimental
> for a reason ; ) but I am missing my icons in Nautilus since
> upgrading to 2.12. I wanted to wait if the problem was fixed
> in an upgrade, but now it has been persisting for some time.
> I would appreciate any hints. Am I just missing a package?
> All Icons are gone (only the generic "white paper" is shown),
> except for PDF and picture thumbnails.

Most probably is that gnome-settings-daemon is not running. Try with

px ax | grep gnome-settings

to see if it's running.

This daemon is in capplets package, which I do not see in your
list. Care to send the output of dpkg -l capplets?

Also you can try running it from the command line:

$ gnome-settings-daemon



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