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Re: How to automount a memory card?

Sam Morris ha scritto:
>> and the device is not mounted.
>> I noticed that pmount reports that the device is not removable (that is
>> incorrect). How can I mark it removable?
>> Why, when the device is in fstab and pmount succedes it doesn't get
>> automounted?
> I ran into this problem this morning: are you using kernel 2.6.12 or
> later? Since moving off 2.6.8, I have needed a newer libsysfs in order
> to pmount external usb hard drives.
> libsysfs1 1.3.0-2 from unstable does the job for me. I was tipped off by
> <http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-usb-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg36342.html>.
I'm using SID, so I've kernel 2.6.14 and libsysfs1 1.3.0-2 installed.

My USB devices mount without any problem.

The proble is with a PCI cardreader (not an USB one) embedded into my

Thank you anyway
	Stefano Salvi

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